Cras Credere

Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Modern Fantasy, Politics, Terrorism
Rating: PG-15 (Coarse language, violence, blood and death)
Type: Ongoing Serial, Fiction

A test on ‘paradise’.

“Welcome to Cras, the Kingdom of Tomorrow.”

The kingdom of Cras is where all mythical creatures have escaped to: a paradise hidden from the Human’s world, where they are able to live in peace without discrimination…

But that is just a goal. Cras is a country where magic, knowledge and power rule, and one’s social status is proportionate to one’s magical ability. After a series of civil wars to free themselves from dictatorships similar to those that terrorised their forefathers, Cras appointed their hero as the new king. Affectionately called the ‘Hero King’, King Leonard Ignis is hailed as the new leader that will turn the kingdom into a true ‘Paradise’.

However, the Hero King seems to have other plans in store for the betterment of the kingdom, despite the desires of the public. And, in a time where he is struggling to fulfill his goal, a Human girl stumbles into Cras, with a book that contains Cras’ history…


“What you are about to read is neither a sad or a painful story,
but the honest accounts of the last King and Queen of Cras.”