#00.00 – Dedication

What you are about to read is neither a sad nor a painful story, but the honest accounts of the last King and Queen of Cras.

This was written by their children, in the years leading up to the Queen’s death; though by then she had retired as a ruler and handed all authority to the new generation.

In her final years, the previous Queen resided in the castle that was once Ignis Academy. She lived the last of her life in seclusion, in the place which mattered to her the most.

What this story would entail is not just the romance that existed between the King and Queen, but also the bravery of the Knights that served under them, that sought for the same kind of country their masters envisioned, even at the cost of their lives. In fear that their names would be lost to time, the Queen asked for their stories to be written, so that their heroism would be remembered and lifted to the heights of legends throughout history.

This story, named after that group of Knights, has been written with her supervision to ensure that no falsehood is recorded.

However, a year before this story was finished, the Queen was bedridden and could only instruct its writing from her bed. Her children wrote the manuscript on the study table beside her, by the edges of her bed, or upon the floor of her room. They were each determined to get every word down, lest they forever lose the chance to.

Thankfully, they were able to finish the story in time, and the Queen gave her final approval to the manuscript… Within it held all the accounts recited to the best of her memory, secrets which caused dissent amongst her children, and stories which shook the nation as it was published.

It was not as though the Queen herself didn’t anticipate this result. As the Queen breathed her last, she uttered the words, “To my dear Cras Credere,” into the ears of her oldest child.

Cras Credere. That was the term the previous King coined, referring not just to the country of Cras, but also that which its name represented: ‘tomorrow’, the future.

Cras Credere. To believe tomorrow. That alone showed the vision he had for the group of Knights, and what he envisioned for the country… And in her single utterance, the Queen quelled the noise that her story had caused.

This is neither a sad nor a painful story, but the honest accounts of the last King and Queen of Cras.

“To my dear Cras Credere…”

Those were her last words.

The Queen passed away the same day this story was finished, at 105 years of age.


And, in accordance to her wishes:

“This story is dedicated to my dear Cras Credere.”

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